How We Work

ia webdesign takes pride in its project processes. We aim to keep you involved as much or as little as you wish, keeping you in touch with the project's progress and delivering graphical and functional content for your approval and comments where possible along the way.

Our project process is typically a seven stage process that we have implemented to ensure that we deliver what you expect to see as well as going over and beyond.


We feel the best approach to creating your perfect solution is to really understand your business and what you wish to achieve with your new website or application. We take the time to research into your target market and find out as much about your business as we possibly can. Based on that information we believe we can come up with a project outline that matches your requirements and your business.

Design Specification

"Getting It Right Every Time" is something many attempt but few accomplish. Our design team will discuss with you exactly how you wish to be perceived by your target market, taking into account factors such as personal taste, business reflection, accessibility and usability. This combined with the Quotation stage helps us to ensure that we have the best possible understanding of a blend of what you want to see, what your users want to see and what will work best for your business.

Technical Specification

Understanding exactly how you wish your system to work is paramount to us at ia webdesign. We understand that not everybody is a programmer and therefore try our very best to keep technical jargon to a bare minimum whilst constructing the technical specification for your application. We will ensure that this is as close to your needs as possible and will be presented to you when complete. From there you can be assured that what you see outlined on paper is what you will receive once the project is complete.


Based on the design specification as previously outlined, our design team will come up with a number of concepts. Once these are complete, they will be sent to you for your approval. Once the designs are signed off, they are handed over to the development team to begin the work required to make the designs come to life on the web.


On receipt of the designs for your project, our development team turn them from flat images to working web pages. Once this stage is complete, they are uploaded to a staging server for you to see and pass your comments on to us. After these have been seen by you, we will then begin the work involved with constructing the database and necessary functionality to introduce the truly dynamic aspect to your website or application.

QA and Testing

Once the site development is complete, we will then internally test the entire site or application on the most common platforms (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X) in the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2 and 3 and Safari 3 and 4) to ensure that the project functions perfectly under all popular environments and under all popular configurations.

On completion of the internal testing process, we upload the complete project to our staging server. We will provide you with any access details required to use the site in its entirety ensuring that it functions just the way you want.


On your approval, the project will be uploaded to your server and again, fully tested in a live environment to ensure that every user's experience is complete and uninterrupted.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries about the services we can provide.

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